Family Handbooks


Lyon Magnet 

Parent Handbook

*Please note that many of our policies have been updated 



800 S. Elmwood

Waukegan, Illinois 60085

(224) 303 – 2300


Principal: Amanda Pryce

Assistant Principal: Grayson Flitcroft


Waukegan CUSD #60

Superintendent of Schools:

Ms. Theresa Plascencia



MONDAY - FRIDAY   7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
(224) 303-2300


8:10  School doors open  (Prior to this time parents/guardians must supervise their children. Staff is not on duty supervising until 8:10).

Students eating school breakfast should proceed to the multi-purpose room to eat.

Students not eating school breakfast will wait outside their classrooms. 

8:20  Students begin to transition to classroom from the multi-purpose room and the hallways

8:30  Entry Bell – Students in first through 5th grade start their morning off with Community Time in the Gym- School Day begins.

11:15-12:40  Lunch and Recess Block

  • 11:15-11:55 Lunch/ Recess 1
  • 12:00-12:40 Lunch/ Recess 2

3:03 School Day ends: Dismissal/Load Busses- Students that are pick ups must meet their children on the lines outside on the playground. Please ensure that students are picked up on time- we don’t have additional supervision after school hours.

Only students in a school-sponsored after school activity or under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian should remain on school property once dismissed.                     


During arrival and dismissal, there are many vehicles, limited parking space, several area streets with one-way restrictions, and buses parked along the curb in front of the school.  For safety reasons, please drop-off students at the designated location in the parking lot area.  Students will not be permitted to walk to the parking lot during dismissal- they must be picked up on their dismissal line after school. This ensures that we know that students have safely gotten to their guardian at the end of the day. All students, parents and visitors must enter through the main doors on Elmwood Avenue- Door #4. Only Pre-school students may enter through Door #3 between 8:10-8:20 and then again during the afternoon session from 12:25-12:35.   Please ensure that you are parking in designated spots- this is important so you are not blocking the traffic flow during arrival and dismissal. Your cooperation is appreciated!  


  • Kindly follow staff directives, signs, and barricades communicating the traffic pattern.  
  • Use intersections in the event you walk to pick up a child or have to park outside of the parking lot area (due to snow, parking conditions, etc.).  
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended unless it is parked in a designated parking spot.


Pursuant to the Illinois School Code, Section 26-1, children are to be in attendance at school every day unless they are excused due to illness, observation of a religious holiday, or a death in the family.  It is the responsibility of parents to insure that their child is in school. Any child who is absent from school without an excuse is considered truant according to the law. The school is required to report chronic absences to the Truant Officer for further action.

Reporting Absences

****Call (224) 303-2359****

Parents should follow these procedures when your child is absent:

  1. Parents must call the school before 8:30 AM to report their child’s absence. Our office provides an answering machine so that early calls may be recorded. 
  2. The school may attempt to call home if the child is not in school after 10:00 a.m. and we have not received a call from the parent. 

When a student is tardy to school, a parent/guardian must sign their child in at the office before going to class. Teachers will not allow students into their classrooms without a tardy pass from the office. Tardy means arriving to school after 8:30 AM. 

Notification will be sent when 4 or more tardies, early dismissals, or absences (excused or unexcused) have accumulated.  Excessive issues with attendance will be reported to the district’s truancy officer.

Signing Out a Student

Each school day is important and we encourage you not to schedule appointments during school hours.  Please watch the school calendar, newsletters, and notices for important dates (like standardized testing) in order to avoid interruptions on these days.

However, if there is a situation where your child needs to leave school early, please sign him/her out in the front office.  It is very important that classroom disruptions are limited. Therefore, we ask that you please notify the office or teacher as soon as possible (at least one hour in advance). Your cooperation is appreciated.  

Similarly, if dismissal plans change and this requires another adult to pick up your child, the adult must sign out the student.  Please send your child with a note if you do not want your him/her to ride the bus. We need notification from parents/ guardians in writing or via phone call- we need notifications prior to 2:00pm. Without prior notice, your child will be sent home his/her usual way. 

During sign-out, school personnel will require proof of identification for any individual before releasing a child.  Only those listed as contacts for a student will be allowed to sign the student out.  We WILL NOT release a child to a minor (under 18 yrs. old).

Health Procedures

In the case of an accident or illness, the school personnel may provide first aid and make every effort to contact the parent. If we are unable to make contact with a parent/guardian, or in case of serious accidents or illness, 911 will be called.  

When a child is ill at school, we will make efforts to contact the parent and/or emergency contact listed on the family information portion of the student profile sheet. It is imperative that you keep this information accurate and up to date during the school year. Please call us when you have a change.

Keep in mind that it is important for children to be in school every day. However, home is the best place for a child who is ill.

Please keep your child at home if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • A temperature of 99.5 degrees or more (within 24 hours of the current school day)
  • A persistent headache
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • A suspicious rash
  • Pink Eye 

Vision and Hearing Screening

Waukegan District #60 provides vision and hearing screening, at no expense, for the children. A report is made to the parent only if a problem is detected. Further treatment is the parent's responsibility.

Temporary Disability/ P.E. Excusal

If your child is to be excused from P.E. due to an illness or injury, a note from your physician is required.  This note must indicate the nature of the illness/injury and the date the student may return to P.E. activities.  Children who are in a leg casts and/or are on crutches may not return to school without a physician’s written approval.   Please notify the school nurse prior to your child’s return to school.

It is the responsibility of the parent to keep the school informed regarding any changes in their child’s health that may arise during the school year.

Medications at School (Board Policy 6031)

The school nurse is happy to assist you and your child/ren with medications that need to be given at school.  If your child takes a daily medication, it should be given at home, before school. Children with asthma, even mild asthma, are encouraged to have an inhaler kept at school for emergencies.  Children with food allergies are required to have an Epi-pen kept at school.  

ALL MEDICATIONS REQUIRE PARENT AND PHYSICIAN AUTHORIZATION AND MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. Students are not allowed to carry any type of medication, including cough drops.

Recess Policy

Any child who comes to school will be sent outside during his or her scheduled recess time, weather permitting, unless they provide a doctor’s note. The note must indicate the EXACT days the child is to remain indoors.  No supervision is available by classroom teachers for sick children. Please make sure your child/ren are dressed appropriately for the weather. 


ALL students are expected to put forth their very best effort to meet grade level standards. This means that all students are expected to stay focused in class, turn in all assignments, ask for help when needed, and ask to be challenged when learning comes easily.  

The standards taught at each grade level are aligned with the Illinois State Standards as well as College and Career Readiness Expectations.  The Lyon Magnet elementary school curriculum emphasizes basic to higher level skills in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition, students are provided with instruction in art, music, physical education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  Our full-day kindergarten classes provide children with a rich variety of experiences that help them develop skills fundamental to writing, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and fine arts.

Your role in providing encouragement, support, and structure at home is essential!  Healthy sleep (students getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night), play, and homework schedules benefit students.  Knowing you value hard work, perseverance, and making “good” behavioral choices will make it more likely that your students will meet your expectations.  


It is the goal of Lyon Magnet to maximize each student’s opportunity for learning.  No student may interfere with another student’s right to learn by his or her actions or inappropriate behavior.  

Students are expected to be respectful to school staff,  peers, and others while in school, on the playground, lunchroom, classrooms and on the bus.  Each student is expected to respect school employees by following school and WPS60 rules and regulations.  The student will respect, and be considerate of the personal property of others.

Teachers will integrate social emotional learning throughout the day by preparing students with specific information about attitudes, traits, and behaviors that will help them succeed at Lyon.  These guidelines for success focus around the PRIDE motto. Lions live in prides and depend on one another to be successful. 


Today and every day, I will honor my Lyon PRIDE and do my very best.
I will communicate with Positive words and actions.
I will be Responsible for myself and my learning.
I will demonstrate Integrity and honesty.
I am Determined to succeed.
I will set goals and work towards Excellence

P- Positive words and actions
R- Responsible
I- Integrity
D- Determined to succeed
E- Excellence

These are the specific behaviors that we explicitly teach students at Lyon:

Positive Words and Actions 

  • Use kind words and actions to staff and students
  • Use school appropriate language
  • Tell adults when you need help 
  • Keep appropriate voice level
  • Be polite
  • Be polite walk on the right.
  • Share 
  • Respect the physical environment (hallway, bulletin boards, littering) 

Responsible for myself and my learning 

  • Come prepared to class 
  • Complete the work assigned
  • Ask for help when needed 
  • Accept consequences 
  • Allow others to learn
  • Be on time
  • Follow directions
  • Set goals


  • Being honest/telling the truth the first time
  • Owning your actions
  • Doing what is right when no one is watching
  • Being sincere 
  • Righting the wrong
  • Having a growth mindset
  • Self Awareness

Determined to Succeed 

  • Follow directions 
  • Share your ideas with the class
  • Remain in my learning space or ask for permission to leave  
  • Help others in the classroom when needed 
  • Learn from your mistakes

Excellence (You achieve this if you do all of the above behaviors and can also model this for other students) 

CHAMPS is Lyon’s classroom management plan.  The staff at Lyon emphasizes a Positive Behavior Support Plan to promote high expectations for behavior.  Desired behaviors are explicitly taught at the beginning of each school year and are revisited throughout the year. You will see signs around the building and in your child’s classroom. CHAMPS stands:

Conversation- What voice level can students talk at?
Help- How do students get a teacher’s attention or have their questions answered?
Activity- What is the task, objective, or end product?
Movement- Can students move about?
Participation- What does the expected student behavior look/sound and how do students show they are fully participating?
Success-  What is the result of successfully following expectations?
By following the CHAMPS expectations, the students will be successful each day. I encourage you to ask your child about this classroom management system we are using. Ask when and how students in the class can talk, get help, and get out of their seats.
It is important that students are following the school wide expectations. Here are some of the best practices that are in place at Lyon:

  • Developing positive relationships with students,
  • Providing restorative opportunities and/or office disciplinary referrals, 
  • Using a token-economy, (student receive PAWS and can purchase items from the school store)
  • Providing opportunities for active engagement in learning, 
  • Regular communication with parents,
  • Differentiating instruction.

Consequences for acting contrary to school and district expectations (rules and regulations) will follow the guidelines specified in board policy and state law.

We would appreciate the cooperation of all parents.  Please discuss these expectations to be sure your child understands them.  Many behavioral issues can be avoided with students seeing parents and staff “on the same page” working together.  We also have a school-wide system of consequences:
Disruptive Rule Break #1=Verbal Warning
Disruptive Rule Break #2=Documented Warning and parent contact
Disruptive Rule Break #3= Select intervention/ consequence and parent contact
Disruptive Rule Break #4=Lunch detention/ Parent conference
Disruptive Rule Break #5=Formal Office Discipline Referral

Bus Expectations

We intend to provide each student a bus ride experience that is safe, free of disruptive influences, and conducive to safety. School personnel, parents, and students have a responsibility to develop and maintain an atmosphere that is compatible to this right. During school bus rides, students are expected to:

  • Be respectful to all individuals and property
  • Conduct himself or herself in a safe, responsible manner.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations set by the bus transportation services and staff, classroom teachers and administrators. 

During the bus ride to and from school, a student who receives a minor and major behavior referrals will receive a letter from administration reminding them of the expectations of being on the bus. If a student receives two minor referrals the third behavior referrals will be documented on infinite campus and be considered a major referral. If this occurs, he/she will have a meeting with administration and may have a one day suspension from the bus. 

First Violation                     Minor referral- Verbal warning & phone call home

Second Violation                 Minor referral, bus intervention, consequence and 
   phone call home

Third Violation and up         Major referral, parent conference, and school consequence

Re-engagement Conference

In the event a student is suspended, the parent/guardian of the student must meet with admin/behavior team so that a successful plan is put together to welcome the student back into the learning environment. Parent/Guardian should accompany the student to the building after suspension is completed and preferably the morning after suspension is complete at a mutually agreed time. This meeting will focus exclusively on how the school and parent/guardian will work together to ensure the student corrects the behavior and experiences academic and social success.  

The following behavioral interventions are used when a student or small groups of students begin to show a pattern of disruptive behaviors.  

  • Check-in Check-out, 
  • Social groups, 
  • Planned movement breaks, 
  • Sensory menus, 
  • Repeated disciplinary referrals (chronic behaviors), 
  • Meeting(s) with parents/guardians, 
  • Behavior Intervention Plans

When students demonstrate continued, often increasingly, significant behaviors that cause substantial disruption to the learning environment, additional supports are provided.  In these situations, there will typically be a referral to the school’s Individual Problem Solving Team. The problem-solving process will involve parents/guardians as part of the Problem-Solving Team.  The Team will determine around how to help the student succeed at Lyon. 


In addition to receiving the Lyon Parent/Student Handbook, you will also receive the WPS CUSD #60 Right, Responsibilities, and Discipline Handbook.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the policies set forth by the Waukegan School Board and to discuss these two documents as a family. Please return the appropriate pages of the district handbook, and the last page of the Lyon Parent Handbook with dates and signatures where appropriate.  These documents will be kept on file at the school.  


Cell Phones/Tablet/Electronics

Any student who brings a cell phone, tablets, or other electronic devices to school, must turn it into their teacher at the beginning of the day or leave it in their backpack and turn it off. If students are caught with cell phones throughout the school day, they will be confiscated and parents will need to schedule a time to pick them up. Please note that school is not responsible for stolen or lost property.

*For the safety of all students, phones are not to be in use while on school property including before and after school. 

*For the safety of all students, phones are not to be in use while on field trips.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the school office if they need to speak with their child in case of an emergency.   

Lost and Found 

A bin for lost items will be located near the lunchroom.  Every effort will be made to return lost items to the owner.  Parents are encouraged to mark all articles of clothing, lunch boxes, and other school supplies with their child’s name. Students are expected to check the “lost and found” periodically for missing items.  

Other Valuables

Students should not bring any item of value to school, whether monetary or sentimental, including large amounts of cash, toys, jewelry, fidget spinners or similar “treasures,” etc.  Lyon Magnet and its employees will not be responsible for loss or damage of such items. If students bring toys and other items they will be confiscated and parents will have to schedule a meeting to pick up the items.  Sporting equipment (marked with permanent marker for identification) is allowed at school but only to be used during recess time.


Students are to dress appropriately for school. Lyon students are expected to wear the full school uniform every day. If students do not come to school in uniform they will be sent to the office to receive a loaner uniform and a note will be sent home to parents.



There are many ways for parents to get involved in their child’s education. This involvement can occur in different ways:   

  • Attend school sponsored events (Refer to Lyon Magnet Calendar)
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher through phone calls or email on a consistent basis
  • Serve on school committees
  • Participate in parent/teacher conferences

There are a range of volunteer opportunities that will exist throughout the year.  In order to volunteer at Lyon you must complete a background check, attend a training session, and sign a volunteer contract. We will match parents based on their preferences and the school needs. Parents may not volunteer in the classroom of their own child. If you would like to be a chaperone on a field trip, you are required to fill out a volunteer form/ background check. These forms are available in the main office.  


Great importance is placed on communication between home and school.  Parents are encouraged to communicate frequently with teachers and school staff, both at regularly scheduled times and otherwise.  If you are aware of a problem that your child may be having, feel free to contact the teacher. Do not wait to be contacted. Teachers are generally available in the morning between 8:00-8:30 or after 3:00 p.m.

Telephones/Voice Mail/Email 

Each classroom is equipped with a telephone, voice mail and email access. Teachers will provide parents with their telephone extensions and email addresses. They are available on the district website as well. Parents may phone teachers directly; however, the classroom telephones are automatically forwarded to voicemail during instructional hours. Parents are encouraged to leave a message for the teacher to return the call. Parents may send written notes as well.

Classroom Dojo

Each classroom teacher will have a Dojo account- all accounts will be linked to school accounts. This is a great way to receive communication from your child’s teacher, see the activities that are happening in the classroom, and see how your child is showing their PRIDE Expectations at school. 

Lyon Houses

This year we will have four different houses. Each house will have a representative from each grade level (Pre-K- 5th). Our houses will revolve around the traits mentioned in our pledge and be sports themed. 

House 1: Kindness (Yellow)- Basketball

House 2: Honesty (Blue)- Soccer

House 3: Responsibility (Green)- Football

House 4: Determination (Purple)- Baseball

Infinite Campus Parent Portal 

The parent portal is a secure web interface that allows parents and guardians to have access to their child’s attendance, schedule, discipline records, grades and student information. Not all features may be available to all schools. To obtain access to the IC portal you may contact the district or school to get your login information. Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.22.46 AM.png


Lyon Magnet offers a variety of clubs and activities. Because they are based on student interest, they are subject to change.  Parents must provide transportation and ensure that students are picked up on time. Please ensure that you have completed a permission slip so your child can participate. 




A school lunch is provided for all students. If parents wish to pack a lunch for their children they may do so, however lunches must be brought to school with students. We have adopted the high school policy for food and beverages as outlined in the Waukegan Public Schools Parent Handbook. 

Parents, guardians, or other visitors may not deliver food and or beverages to students during the school day. 

School Wide Celebrations

This year students will be allowed to participate in classroom celebrations for the following holidays:

  • Fall Festival- Parade
  • Winter Holiday- Movie Celebration
  • Valentine’s Day- Cards
  • End of Year- Movie Celebration

Classroom celebrations will focus on activities, rather than food. Due to concerns about food safety and food allergies, no food will be brought into the classroom, except as allowed as an accommodation of a disability.

Food rewards or incentives shall not be used in classrooms to encourage student achievement or desirable behavior. Exceptions are available to students with disabilities when non-food incentives or rewards have not proved to be effective and the food incentive is necessary to promote the development of functional communication skills, as set forth in the student’s IEP.

Refer to Board Policy 5005- Wellness


Emergency Student Information

It is the parent's responsibility to inform the school office of any changes of address, phone number, work location, or emergency contacts during the year.  It is imperative that our office have the means to contact a parent or guardian in case of an emergency. Emergency personnel (911) will be called if the school is unable to contact a parent/guardian in case of emergency.

Field Trips

Before a class goes on a field trip, the teacher will send home a notice with information about the trip and a permission slip.  Parents may be asked to attend the field trip as volunteers to help the teacher with supervision. If acting in this capacity, parents are asked to leave younger siblings at home so that full attention may be devoted to the supervision and safety of our students.

Moving/Changing Schools

The school must be notified in advance of a student’s withdrawal from school.  If a child is moving or transferring in Illinois, an Illinois State Transfer Form from the office is needed.  All school property (textbooks, library books, supplies, etc.) must be returned prior to student withdrawal. All fees and fines must be paid before records will be transferred.

Process for Collecting Money

When we are collecting money there will be designated collection days.  The school will only collect money on the indicated days. Please look for those dates on the school wide calendar.  Any money sent to school should be placed in an envelope with the child’s name, grade, teacher’s name and the purpose for the money written on the envelope.  Checks should be made payable to Lyon Magnet unless otherwise indicated. 

Checks are an acceptable form of payment- they may be made out to Lyon Magnet. If a check is returned from the bank the district will not accept that form of payment in the future. 

Visitors to School

Parents/guardians are welcome to visit Lyon Magnet provided they register at the office upon arrival. Visitors must sign in at the office to receive a visitor's pass.  With teacher permission and advanced notice (24 hours), parents/guardians are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom to observe without disrupting instruction. Parents/guardians are encouraged to have frequent contact with their child’s teacher.  Please speak with your child’s teacher to arrange conference times when instruction is not taking place.

Volunteer Procedures

ALL parents/adults coming into the building to volunteer are required to complete the District Volunteer Information Form AT LEAST 1 week prior to date needed.  Copies of the Volunteer Information Form are in the Main Office and also in the teacher’s lounge.

Step 1: Complete the Volunteer Information Form

All volunteers are required to complete the District Volunteer Information Form to be approved by the District before volunteering in the building.  Forms are in the Main Office also in the teacher’s lounge.

Step 2:  Check in with the Office

All volunteers are required to check into the Office and sign in.  Volunteers will be given a badge to wear while in the building.

Step 3:  Sign out in the Office

All volunteers are required to sign out before leaving the school.

Monthly Calendars

A monthly calendar and newsletter will be sent home with students in order to inform families of upcoming events at Lyon.  

Coffee with the Principal

Every month there will be coffee with the principal. This is an opportunity to inform parents of what is happening in the building and utilize them as thought partners on how together we can support their children. 


New students, Kindergarten students, and Grade 6 students MUST have a Health exam prior to enrollment.  Students who got an exam last year as a fifth grader are not required this year to get an exam for 6th grade.  Forms are available in the school office.  Additionally, State law requires a complete record of immunizations to be on file for every child.


The superintendent or her designee may close school or operate under an alternative schedule (ie: early release or late start) in extremely inclement weather.  In the event that schools are forced to close, PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. You will receive an automated call from the school district in case of a school closing or you may look on the district home page (  Most local TV & radio stations announce changes to school schedules as well.  

WKRS 1220 AM WXLC 102.3 FM
WGN 720 AM WKZN 96.9 FM
WLS 890 AM WKGA 1550 AM(Spanish)


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